Refund Policy

Refund Policy

This Refund policy shall only be applicable for Perpetual Memorial Park booking & services.

ePerpetual shall use its best efforts to ensure that Orders are correctly fulfilled. Should there be any discrepancy of Product booking or Service fulfilment and the Customer wishes for refund, may notify us by completing and submitting the online form posted in our website within seven (7) days upon booking the Products.

Booking fee is refundable subject to a cooling period of 10 working days and we have the right to a minimum administrative charge. We will contact the Customer within seven (7) working days after receipt of the completed form online to direct the Customer of the procedures in respect of the return of Products and refund. The Customer is advised to wait for our instruction for the next course of action. In the event the Customer does not receive any reply from us after the aforesaid period, please contact us either by e-mail at or call ePerpetual hotline at 1300 88 8889 for enquiries.

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